Association for Modernizing Cultural and
Traditional Industries of Japan (J-ART)


Prospectus of Establishment

Japan is a geographically and historically integration point of world culture and has a history of harmony and unity between nations for a long time.
Japan has succeeded economical development in a revival after World War.
However, it has led to the loss of culture, tradition, and pride of a homeland.
We aim to build up a new style of Japan which balances culture and economy by harmonizing Japanese tradition, spirits, and modern technique.
Specifically, we convey this concept to home and abroad through the original products, cultural events, and human resource cultivation.
We, aiming to hold the cultural exhibition, request for the foundation of Agency for Cultural Affairs and develop the national movement which public can participate in.
To move ahead on the activities above, we establish Japan association of regenerating the “terra”.
Therefore, I would sincerely like you to understand this aim and participate in Japan association of regenerating the “terra”.


1. Networking to move ahead on the concept of reviving culture and tradition

2. Survey/Research/Merchandize Development

     Researching original design, Branding, Producing contents

3. Educating/Growth Activities

     Holding national/international festivals, events, workshops

4. Human Resource Cultivation

5. Others: relative projects

     In the future, we aim to achieve in establishing department of Culture and holding the cultural exhibition.