Hiroaki Omote profile


Entertainment Tourism Ambassador
Chairman of Association for Modernizing Cultural and Traditional Industries of Japan (J-ART), Japan

1962 Born in Osaka, Japan

1982 Established first own beauty parlor

1985 Held own Hair・Show in Augsburg, Germany.

1987 Expressed own world of beauty in Hiroaki Omote Head・Art. Held Imagination Stage in Osaka, Japan.

1990 Participated in International Garden and Greenery Exposition in Osaka, Japan, with display of his Head・Art show.

1991 Participated in Osaka collection as hair and makeup producer.

1992 Participated in Fashion Festival, Dairen, China, as supervising hair and makeup producer.

1994 Participated in 20th anniversary of Sister city relationship between Shanghai and Osaka in China.

1995 Established non・profit organization J-ART, Held cultural forum, fashion・show and exhibition in Osaka at APEC meeting.

1996 As an international exchange project over 25 years, he has developed businesses based on such things as kagura and art exhibitions to express a unique Japanese world view on the theme of “Neo Japanesque” in Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States, Hungary, etc.

1997 Held international cultural event Neo Japanesque 97 certified by Japanese foreign ministry in Louvre museum Paris, France.

1998 Produced cultural ceremony at 2nd Develop Conference for Africa.

1999 Held international cultural event Neo Japanesque 99 certified by Japanese foreign ministry in Paris, France, and in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusserdolf, Kiel, Germany.

2000 Produced international cultural event in The Savior in ASEM in Seoul, South Korea.

2001 Held international cultural event Noe Japanesque 01 certified by Japanese foreign ministry in London, United Kingdom.

2002 Held international cultural event The SaviorⅡ in National theater of Korea in Seoul, South Korea.

2003 Held international cultural event The SaviorⅢ certified by Japanese foreign ministry in Singapore Hanoi of Vietnam and Bangkok of Thailand (Show in Bangkok is The Imagination Stage).

2004 Held international cultural event Neo Japanesque 04 certified by Japanese foreign ministry in Chicago of America.

2006 Held international cultural event Neo Japanesque 06 certified by Japanese foreign ministry at the national museum of Piazza Pitti in Florence, Italy.

2009 Held international cultural event SOU SEI KAGURA certified by Japanese foreign ministry in Budapest of Hungary.

2005 Founded the “Round Table on Brand Promotion of ‘New Japan Style’ (Neo Japanesque)”, which was established within the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

2010 Appointed as the first “Entertainment Tourism Meister” by the Japan Tourism Agency.

2011 Performed Sousei Kagura at the Teatro della Pergola opera house and Coccia Theater in Italy. Since then, he has continued to dedicate Sousei Kagura in sacred places mainly in Japan.

2018 Performed Sousei Kagura at the Monastery of Montserrat in Spain.

2019 Erformed Sousei Kagura at the theater of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome.

Comment from Sousei Kagura Soke(Creator), Hiroaki Omote

“The aim of this project is for each and every one of us living on the earth to have the same thought and wish, even for a single moment.
Human values ​​may vary depending on things like our environment or ethnic group, but the desire for the happiness of the earth and the world exists to some extent in everyone's heart.
This project was launched from my desire to create the power to change things for the better by unifying the desire within each and every one of us for permanent peace on earth. While ‘prayer’ exists for many religions and peoples, we can achieve something even greater than that.
By changing the consciousness of humankind through ‘prayer’, we will create a peaceful and prosperous global society for the generations to come.”